School for Master of Aufguss Cron4

The first Italian School for Master of Aufguss was opened in 2010 at the Cron4 Centre, to provide training and certification for sauna professionals and Master of Aufguss.
The training for Master of Aufguss includes theoretical and practical notions regarding sauna and Aufguss, offering strong basis for a career in the wellness industry.
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Basic course for sauna and aufguss          Courses on request          Ongoing training        Requisites                                        
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Public Spas: Aquarena Bressanone, AquaForum Laces, Caravan Park Sesto, Balneum Vipiteno

Spa ITALIA: Garda Thermae (TN) AquaIN (TN) Monticello Spa (MI) Centro Salus (TN) Asmana Wellness World (FI) Centro Nuoto Rosà  (VI)
Aretè Club Cavalese (TN)

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Cron4 team Sauna staff - School for Master of Aufguss - Instructors

The Team from School for Master of Aufguss Cron4 is made up of competent sauna staff, with long-standing experience and specific formation. They would pass on their skills and knowledge to the attendee.                               
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Book of the Master of Aufguss

                  Skilled Master of Aufguss basic course 2010 Anna Webhofer  Patrik Holzknecht  Urban Seeber Werner Succi Ralf
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