Evolution3- Sauna Cron4

This concept describes the evolution in the wellness industry, as created and defined in the Cron4 Centre. “Evolution3” is the ultimate refinement of the idea of “wellness”: a holistic lifestyle that focuses on the human being and on his interaction with the social context. This concept finds its utter and complete fulfilment in our sauna area, aiming at achieving a positive attitude of body and spirit.
In the past, sauna enthusiasts would only take winter sessions to keep the body warm, whereas today’s comprehensive offer makes it possible to enjoy sauna baths the whole year round. Beside the various types of sauna and the variations in the cooling down process, both outdoors and indoors, Cron4 offers an Aufguss program that changes every day, and closes with various snacks, professional advice, introduction to the correct approach to sauna and hydrotherapy according to the Kneipp method, and massage: all of which is set in the breathtaking natural scenery of Riscone, Italy.

The different Aufguss variations are performed using 100% ethereal oils and exclusively by certified sauna professionals and Master of Aufguss. The goal is to achieve a quality Aufguss, so as to ensure the guest’s well-being: total relaxation of body and mind, stimulation by sound and smell, experiencing new sensations. In short, a sort of well-being that involves all senses.
Cron4 invites you to experience and enjoy this unique feeling.

The quality of the Aufguss is marked by this logo in program: