Evolution of the Aufguss culture

In the 90s no one even knew what an Aufguss was, nor could anyone imagine what a sauna room had to offer. Unlike today, the idea of wellness was not so important. There were a few small sauna establishments where people would go to take a good sweat, without bothering to discuss the health benefits of sauna. In the mid-90s the awareness of the relevance of health gained significance as the modern world put more and more pressure on professionals, and a growing number of people found undeniable moments of relaxation in sauna.
At the beginning of the 21st century, water treatment centres and wellness centres flourished in many parts of Germany, Austria and South Tyrol, featuring larger and larger sauna centres equipped with Finnish sauna huts and steam baths. The sauna experience gained popularity, and it ultimately became a part of everyday life. Even tourists discovered and learned to enjoy sauna sessions.
On 22 December 2005, to entertain their guests, two Master of Aufguss at the Cron4 Centre performed for the first time in South Tyrol an Aufguss as it is known today. Slowly but surely, the activity became more and more extravagant and, enhanced with music, light effects, costumes and creative ventilation tools, until it became the focus of each sauna session. In light of its growing popularity, the first “Italian Aufguss Championship” was held in 2007, where sauna guests would vote the various “artistic Aufguss performances”. In the following years, more championships were held involving foreign contestants, and today sauna championships and Aufguss championships are held at a quasi-pan-European level. The Aufguss is now more popular than ever, and unconventional shows have become the norm.
The traditional Aufguss, performed with no costumes or lights, but only using water, ice, ethereal oils and a towel, is almost a thing of the past now.
However, while the Aufguss is performed, the focus should remain on the guests’ well-being and relaxation, not on the person performing the Aufguss. This is an almost regressive process, which falls into a unique, unprecedented idea of well-being, known as “Evolution3”.