What is the Aufguss?

The activity that turns a sauna into a unique experience is the Aufguss, also known in Finland as “hyvä löyly”: it is the crucial time, the most enjoyable moment, when the soul and spirit of the sauna really shine. The Finnish term means “good hot steam” rising from the sizzling stones: in the “land of a
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Aufguss Types

• Classic Aufguss, performed using water, ice and a towel, with the addition of salt or fruit, for example
• Special Aufguss, featuring for instance mud, birch branches, massage cream or honey
• “Highlight Aufguss” or themed Aufguss: Shaman theme, Vikings theme, Elvis theme, performed using
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Evolution of the Aufguss culture

In the 90s no one even knew what an Aufguss was, nor could anyone imagine what a sauna room had to offer. Unlike today, the idea of wellness was not so important. There were a few small sauna establishments where people would go to take a good sweat, without bothering to discuss the health benefits of sauna. In the mid-90s the awareness of the
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Evolution3- Sauna Cron4

This concept describes the evolution in the wellness industry, as created and defined in the Cron4 Centre. “Evolution3” is the ultimate refinement of the idea of “wellness”: a holistic lifestyle that focuses on the human being and on his interaction with the social context. This concept finds its utter and complete
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